Wallpaper Books

At CEM we know that making great wallpaper sample books comes with its own particular challenges. We have the expertise and equipment needed to look after some of the world’s premier wallcovering brands.

We offer end-to-end production all in-house and under one roof, unlike some of our competitors. From receiving your bulk or domestic-sized rolls, we back-roll, slit to sheets, print on reverse, collate and bind in one complete production environment.

We understand the nature of different types of wallcovering, and the need to sometimes display precise areas of pattern in your wallpaper sample books. Our processes ensure that accurate product information is always printed on the back of each paper.

Our wallpaper book production team, combined with unique manufacturing equipment, are all geared to make your books efficiently and to a consistently exceptional standard.

“Every wallpaper book we’ve had CEM manufacture has been completed in a timely manner, the process was smooth and the finished product second to none. Their management and scheduling of all aspects during the manufacturing process meant all deadlines were met.”

Stephen Roberts, NEWMOR GROUP